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"You woke the bears, why did you do that?"

Same ole, same ole. I worked today, nothing too exciting. Autumn left Thursday to go home so I have the entire place to myself, which I am loving. No wonder I like living by myself so much, such freedom. I haven't done any homework this week and I could care less. Senioritis hit me like a Mac truck and it's only the 1st week. I start my other job Sept 12. Having two jobs will be rough I know but I feel totally financially secure now. That is very important to me. I don't need to be rich by any means but just knowing that I have enough for every bill and expense each month is very calming. Plus I have fun money which I intend to put to good use. I called Jeni yesterday to hang out this weekend but she said she had to work. It's a bummer coz I can't think of who else to call. I talked to about everyone yesterday. Finally talked to Jes which was nice. He called Wednesday nite but my roomie was on the Internet. When I talked to Jackie yesterday, she told me he told her that he had just tried to call me before he called her. I hate this whole phone situation. I am for sure getting a cell phone. Anywho, today Jes told me he's going to shave his head. No joke. It saddened me. His response was 'It will grow back by the time you come, don't you fret' Him and everyone else knows how much I adore his hair. Oh and I decided that I'm gonna go visit Jackie in Reno this term. It's like 80 bucks round trip for me and I always have a killer time with her. Now that I have this extra dough coming in, I'm going to, like I said, put it to good use. Talked to Mike yesterday too for a few. It was a bad time for me to call but he told me to give him my number and he'll call later. Truth is, I had already emailed him my new number. I ain't holding my breath for him to call. I give him so much leniency. With people like Jes, if they don't somehow contact me every week, I freak out. With Mike, he could email me once every 3 months and I'm like, 'that's ok'. I'm so naive. I'm still gonna visit him in January but I have a feeling I will be over it by then. But will I be over Jesse? Survey
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