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"Dorthy Mantooh is a saint!"

Ha! I actually got the damn library job. I thought my interview was just okay though she said she really liked my answers on the questionnaire. Then she gave me about 20 slips of paper and told me to put them in order according to the call number. Well I hadn't done that in about 2 years and when I did it was different system with books and now I had to organize journals and magazines. Took me like half and hour.
She made me do it over after she trained me on it. She might have thought about reviewing me BEFORE I started ordering them, ya think? Anyway it doesn't matter, I got it! Today I have an interview for my old job that I've had for 2 years. Now we have a new manager and are going back to $6.50 an hour WITH tax coz now we're employeed by a different company and not the university. I used to made 7.47 an hour so that's a huge blow. However, with this other job I can afford everything I need and want. I'm even thinking about getting a Verizon cell phone coz literally everyone I know - Steph, Jackie, Leanne, Jes, my parents and I think even Angie - has that brand so it would be free to call them. I'm excited too coz now I will be able to afford Ohio and Chicago come this January. I am thrilled about that. I've talked to Steph twice since I've been at school but I haven't talked to Jesse since Friday. He said he'd call me this week, I hope so, I miss him a lot. I keep hearing and seeing his name everyhwere. I've been around about 4 Jesse's in the last 3 days. That's a rare name for a guy. I framed the pic of us on the train to San Fran. My California photos are here by the way: Check 'em out, there's some good ones in there. Anywho, I'm going to be exhausted this year working 24 hours a week and with 14 credits but I get to go to Ohio! Worth it to me.
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