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"Sounds like somebody's a little bicurious..."

I had a wonderful visit with my best friend in the entire world, Angie. We've been best friends for 4 years and considering I have moved like 8 times in my life, that's sayin something. We went to this great place called Square which serves crepes and was da friggin bomb, foo. We talked forever, for like 3 hours straight. I told her all about Cali and Mike and stuff and she told me about this new guy Cory and about what she is planning for school. I talked the most because she was so excited to hear about my adventures with the gang. It was fab. Yesterday I spent some time with my friend Kelly who had a baby 2 weeks ago named Quentin. I got to hold him and as soon as he was in my arms, I wanted to be a mom. But the feeling soon faded when the reality of how hard raising kids can be hit me. He was adorable though, I love babies expressions and how they stretch all the time, contorting themselves into odd positions. I text messaged Jackie and Jesse the phrase 'Frickity Frack!' today. Jackie called my house because she couldn't figure out how to text back. Ha. She said it made her day. Tomorrow will be pretty busy packing up but truth is I left most of my stuff in boxes over the summer so all I have to pack is clothes. I have a job interview on Monday at school and if I can get this job I will be very thrilled. It's in the library so it will be pretty easy and that way I can have 2 on campus jobs. Oh and I got my pics back from Cali and they are so kick ass. There is one of Jesse and me that's so adorable, I'm gonna frame it. And to top off my day today I bought a new Smiths album, that makes 3 of theirs I have. Killer.
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