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"I'm expressing my inner anguish through the majesty of song!"

I was stopped in my tracks today by a clone of Nathan Handel. You readers out there haven't known me long enough to know that story but basically Nathan was this beautiful boy I obsessed over back when I was a freshman and sophomore. He looked exactly like this British guy, Lee, that I was in love with. Weird, long story so anyway...this kid today took me by surprise and I wanted to blurt out 'Are you Nathan?' as he passed me in the hall. But it's not him coz as of a few months ago Nathan was at the University of Wisconsin. Still, it was freaky. Moving in my EWO class we had to pair up and figure out Latin roots for words, dumb stuff. I was thinking I'd get by without a partner when this guy took me by surprise and out of nowhere pulled his desk up beside me. And this guy...oh my God. Gorgeous blue eyes and that fair red hair that could be really geeky but also hot depending on the guy. Of course, it was hot. He was so nice too and knew Latin so well. And let me tell you, a guy who knows Latin and is passionate about it gets me going. (My perfect guy would be a Latin/Renaissance Art scholar who had a deep appreciation for British 80s retro and Indie rock, a good heart, a very spiritual side, deep blue eyes and black as night hair.) He was kind of a know it all though but it's expected with Latin majors. It was a minor incident but I thought it was significant because I remembered noticing him the first day in class as we made our introductions. I thought for a split second he was hot and I remembered the said the last thing he read was Beowulf. Is it weird I think that's outrageously sexy? Maybe. An intelligent well read hot guy is so much more hot coz he's smart.
I had a bad feeling today. You know when you get that feeling deep inside that something is wrong? I had it today about Jesse. It was all this talk about tornados in Ohio which my boss told me about. I immediately called him from school and left him a message. Haven't heard back but saw him online earlier so obviously he's fine. It brought this cold fear to my heart to think that he could be hurt. Is that love? Good Lord I hope not. Oh! I'm getting a cell phone next week. The number is 1-900...-
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