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"I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party"

Update: Just had my interview for my old job and she offered it to me on the spot. She told me to keep it quiet because she is not approving all people auomatically, even old callers. I totally bluffed my interview. I've always been awesome at interviews when in actually I am a painfully shy person. Weird. I had an advantage though coz Autumn told me the questions she'd ask and about the drop in pay so I didn't freak out on Brittnay, my new boss. The good news too is that instead of 6.50 an hour I can get 7.25 as long as I work 3 shifts a week, which I bascially need to to survive. So job and money problem solved, now I'll just worry about getting work done for these crazy classes. I have 3 graduate classes that will kick my ass. Why do they combine classes like that? Especially if you went here for undergrad then you're just taking the same damn class for your graduate degree. I have actually been thinking about going here for grad school but man, that would be boring.
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